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Spotless Window Cleaner Services at Dublin by Unique Clean

Your windows are the get way that lets fresh air and sunlight enter your place. The windows will light up every corner of your room, eliminating every shade of darkness. You can spend hours beside your window while reading a good book or working on your laptop. Any property that has multiple windows is well-ventilated and receives ample light. Windows always enhance the beauty and attraction of any property. Homeowners and even office owners, therefore, look for buildings that have multiple windows.

However, it is necessary that you keep each and every window clean, free from dirt. 

The windows act as a barrier and prevent dust, dirt, smoke, rain, and chilling winds to enter your property. But in this process, they get dirty over time. In order to maintain them, it is necessary that you regularly do window cleaning.

If you are unsure how to clean the windows effectively or are way too busy to clean the windows, worry not as Unique Clean offers professional window cleaning services. We are a premium window cleaner Dublin company that offers top-notch cleaning services for your windows. We have a team of experienced cleaners who can clean your windows aptly by using advanced cleaning tools and gadgets. At Unique Clean, we provide impeccable window cleaning services to each of our clients in Dublin. Our aim has always been to offer 100% satisfaction to our clients by delivering the best services every single time.

Unique Clean – A Pioneering Window Cleaner

Have you been in search of an efficient and professional “window cleaner near me?” Do you want an exemplary window cleaning service? Are you worried that you may get tricked by the fake claims of cleaning companies? Fret not as Unique Clean – the best window cleaning Dublin company is here. We are a reputed window cleaner Lucan, Kildare, Meath company that has been offering flawless professional window cleaning services. Our wide variety of cleaning services make sure that each of the windows is absolutely clean. At Unique Clean, we have a team of experts who have expertise in handling both commercial and domestic cleaning. 


Unique Clean has years of experience in offering efficient window cleaning service in single as well as multi-storeyed properties. Our cleaning techniques are exceedingly flexible because of the variety of cleaning technologies and methods that we use according to the need of the situation. We are equally capable of offering conventional as well as modern cleaning techniques.

Why Do You Need Professional House Cleaning Services?

After-Construction Cleaning:

Construction sites are always full of dust and debris. It is, therefore, necessary to clean up the glass windows once construction is completed. Unique Clean offers premium after construction cleaning services to make the windows shine without any speck of dust. In case any of the window panes are broken or damaged, we dispose of it carefully to avoid any mishap in the future. Our expert cleaners wipe off all the dust and dirt from both inside and outside the windows.

Reach and Rinse Cleaning:

When the requirement is for cleaning a multi-storeyed building with multiple windows, we use this highly effective cleaning technique called to reach and rinse cleaning system. This method does not at all involve the usage of ladders. Our experts utilise filtered water directly channelled onto the glass panes. This method is apt for removing all the dirt, filth, organic waste, and debris from the window, leaving it absolutely dust-free.

Traditional Cleaning:

Unique Clean offers traditional window cleaning services in Dublin. We use the suds and squeegee technique to wipe clean your window panes. Our effort results in shining, dust-free windows. We use the conventional cleaning method for cleaning both the exterior as well as the inner side of the window.

Below You Can See Some Results Of Our Window Cleaning Services:

Why Are We the Best Window Cleaner Lucan, Kildare, Meath in Dublin?

Contract Signing:

Unique Clean is a completely professional window washing company that maintains absolute transparency in all its procedures. To keep everything safe, secure, and professional, we sign contracts related to the quality of service, as well as non-disclosure of your personal details to any third party.

Years of Experience:

What sets us apart is our years of experience. All these years have enriched our experience in offering excellent local window cleaning services. We are way ahead of other cleaning companies because we are capable of premium cleaning solutions for your windows at cost-effective rates.

Safe and Secure Cleaning Service:

We check the background of each of our cleaners. So, you can completely rely on our services without compromising your safety. Also, our cleaners have adequate knowledge of cleaning your windows aptly. So, there is absolutely no risk of any kind of mishap. They will clean your windows without damaging the panes.

Cost-Effective Services:

We offer flawless professional cleaning services in Dublin at the best possible rates. You need not pay hefty charges for our exterior window cleaning service.Our window cleaning prices in Dublin are quite affordable.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Method:

Unique Clean is a completely environment-friendly company that offers the best and eco-friendly window cleaning service to all the clients. We are totally aware of our responsibility towards the environment, and hence we always avoid using any toxic, hazardous cleaning solutions. Our cleaning services are always safe for your pets, kids and the environment on the whole.

Access to High-Tech Cleaning Equipment and Cleaning Solutions:

Unique Clean always use the right cleaning solution, which is eco-friendly as well as effective in removing all the dust and dirt from your window completely. Also, we have access to high-end cleaning equipment that effectively remove all the dust, filth, dirt, and grime from your windows.

Remarkable Cleaning:

A layman cannot clean windows by climbing high on ladders. Also, he/she does not have enough training to clean all the windows effectively. But the team of professional cleaners at Unique Clean are completely trained in cleaning windows efficiently by using apt technology, tools, and cleaning solutions. We wash windows aptly and leave behind no speck of dust at all.

Cleaning Services FAQs

Cleaning the windows can indeed be a complicated task that requires lots of patience, adequate training, apt cleaning tools, and free time. You may need to spend an entire day on cleaning all the windows at your place. If you wish to clean windows by yourself, try using a solution of vinegar and warm water. Spray the solution of the window panes and wipe clean your windows carefully.

In case you do not have adequate time and expertise to do all these, it is better to contact Unique Clean – the best local window cleaning services provider in Dublin. We will take care of the cleaning of each of your windows.

The rate of window cleaning services can vary as per the area in which your property is situated. Also, the type of cleaning you need for the windows will also determine the charges. To know the charges in detail, feel free to connect with our customer care team. We will offer you the best possible quote as per your requirement.

Power washing technique involves applying a jet of water in extreme pressure on the surface, which requires cleaning. This technique is meant for the hard surfaces like brick surface, cemented surface, concrete surface, and so on. Glasses are extremely fragile and brittle. Hence, we do not use power washing technique to clean your windows. Otherwise, this may lead to severe accidents. The glass panes may break and scatter all around, harming everyone who is present nearby.

If you wish to wash your windows by yourself, you will require a DIY cleaning solution. This solution will, of course, be less effective than what we use is a professional company. However, if you still insist on continuing, then get yourself a solution of warm water and vinegar. Then put this solution in a spray bottle and spray it all over the window pane and keep wiping the panes repeatedly. Whatever solution you use, make sure it is safe for you, your family and pets as well as the window itself. Also, avoid products that may harm the environment.

Unique Clean is an eco-friendly company that uses eco-friendly products and cleaning techniques to reduce the level of carbon footprints. Also, we keep in mind the safety of your pets, infants, and family.

It is always advisable to clean your windows twice in a year. Renters and homeowners often end up cleaning the windows just once a year. But the location of your home also determines how frequently you need to clean the windows. For instance, if you reside in close proximity to a farm area, your windows may get dirtier quite often during the planting and harvest seasons. 

Do you really want affordable window cleaning services for your windows today? Unique Clean has to be your go-to place for window cleaning near me!

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