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According to a survey, 22 million school days are lost each year due to the common cold, and up to 38 million school days due to the flu. On average, a child spends 4-5 hours a day in school where he/she learns and experiences different lessons about life that shape them to become a better version of themselves shortly.

Besides, quality education is equally important to allow children to grow in a healthy, clean, and positive environment. A well-maintained school is one such place. If a school lacks the basic standard of cleanliness, we will not hesitate to say the place is not fit for education. If your school also lacks that basic cleanliness standard, do not worry as Unique Clean is there for you.

Unique Clean, one of the leading school cleaning service providers, has made its mark in school cleaning services in Dublin. We have trained staff to provide the schools with a deserved tidiness level. The professional and highly-trained school cleaners at Unique Clean assure to deliver top-notch hygienic cleaning in less time. So, are you excited to know more about our operations? Stay hooked with us to learn more!

What Are the Distinctive Identities of Our School Cleaning Services?

We, at Unique Clean, believe in delivering services at the best of our merit. When it is about school cleaning services Dublin, we take special care.

We provide complete supervised solutions.
With over 15 years of experience in the cleaning industry, Unique Clean is a trusted andpopular brand.
Our staff is well-qualified with technical knowledge. We select them after passing the interview round and reference checks.
Professional-grade equipment are used to deliver spot-on cleaning. At Unique Clean, we use the safest cleaning machines to make sure no one succumb any damage from them.
We offer a two-member cleaning team. However, you can assign more workers for a single task.
Our dedicated, 24/7 customer care team is always ready to take care of your queries.
We believe in customer satisfaction, and we are proud to be one of the best providers of school cleaning services Dublin.

Our cleaning services carry a charge, but we do not hold any secret payments, unlike other agencies. The amount we charge is the final charge. We do not charge excess for additional shifting or minor cleaning works. We also do not charge additional sums for working during weekends.

Which Are theSchool Cleaning Services That We Provide at Unique Clean?

Our school cleaning services are widely known for the affordable pricing, top-notch quality, and the flexible services we offer for schools and other educational premises. Our enlisted services are:


Classrooms are where children learn about the theoretical aspect of education. Depending on the floor type, our school cleaners use eco-friendly equipment to remove any stains or dirt. We emphasize using eco-friendly cleaning agents for cleaning the floors and the walls. We make sure the floors are slip-resistant to prevent students from falling. We also make sure the flooring doesn't consist of any sharp edges that might turn fatal for students.


Toilets are the places where the level of cleanliness needs to be the best. Our school cleaning experts use eco-friendly, hygienic, and pleasant-smelling bathroom cleaners. The floors are washed to remove any challenging stains. The water closets are cleaned with sanitisers to prevent microbial growth. We use specific cleaners to wash and cleanse the walls as per their structures.


Theatres are the cultural destination of any school. It contains many electrical equipment and sound arrangements. We, at Unique Clean, perform our tasks in such places with extra care. The stage is cleaned with suitable agents as per the surface's demand. We use vacuum cleaning to remove the dust from curtains if present.

Chairs and Tables

Chairs and tables are an essential part of every classroom. Generally, the chairs and tables are made of laminated woods on iron frameworks. If the iron structures are not painted, they start rusting. Cleaning and maintaining chairs and tables is one of the primary tasks for school cleaning in Dublin.


As a part of the school cleaning services, we also clean and maintain the washrooms, including the safe disposal of wastes. Our washroom cleaning services focus on hygiene so that the students breathe and live in a safe environment.

Besides our washroom cleaning services, we also offer supply, installation, and maintenance of:

  • Washroom solutions
  • Feminine washing standards
  • Mat and towel rental
  • Soap and dispensers renewed
  • Deodorising units
  • Janitorial equipment, like mops, buckets, bin liners, toilet paper, trash bins, and many other washroom equipment.


The laboratory is a very peaceful place to work. The various chemical reagents and glassware are delicate stuff that must be handled with care. The lab also contains expensive equipment that requires professional hands to deal with. At Unique Clean, we clean laboratories with more excellent care. The chemical wastes are dumped in one section, and other traditional wastes are kept separate. The workstations are cleaned with organic and natural agents to prevent further reaction with the chemicals present.

This is it? No! School cleaning services by Unique Clean also cover many more regions of educational premises. The other service areas are:

  • Staff rooms and office
  • Sports clubs and other facilities
  • Canteens
  • Reception areas
  • Changing rooms
  • Sports halls.

Are you still looking for school cleaning companies near me? Pick your phone and book an appointment with Unique Clean today! We are ready to help you instantly.

Cleaning Services FAQs

School cleaners are responsible for maintaining high standards of cleanliness in a school. The role includes:

  • Maintenance of a specific part of the school site.
  • Vacuuming of carpeted areas and washing the floors.
  • Sweeping of uncarpeted areas.
  • Cleaning and emptying of recycling bins
  • Spot cleaning of spillage.
  • Cleaning of doors and windows.
  • Replenishing of toiletries.
  • Stocktaking of cleaning items and products.

Deep cleaning of schools is referred to as cleaning that involves floor-to-ceiling cleaning and sanitisation of the entire building. Deep cleaning also consists of cleaning heavily soiled, or less comprehensively cleaned areas of the institution. Since schools have remained closed for so many months, it is appropriate to get deep cleaning done. Unique Clean provides deep cleaning services for all the days of the week, and we do not charge any additional costs for working during weekends.

The money depends on the type of work the cleaner is assigned to do. And also, the brand has been approached for cleaning services. The cleaner's charge also depends on the range of equipment used by them. However, on average, a cleaner makes €11 per hour in Dublin. We, at Unique Clean, offer the best cleaners available in all over Dublin. Their technical knowledge guarantees every party with the quality of work.

Kids are the ultimate explorer of every home. Therefore, it is essential to keep their surrounding germ-free in this emergency. To keep the toys safe from germicidal growths, dip or wipe the toys with water and soap solutions. You can spray sanitisers on the toys and then pat them dry before kids put them into their mouth. Frequently practice the sanitising process to keep the environment safe and healthy. For washable and non-porous toys, you disinfect them with a diluted bleach and water solution.

School cleaning is the cleaning operation undertaken to keep a school clean. The cleaning process involves the maintenance and cleaning of various school areas. The cleaning process also involves using nature-friendly agents to take a step towards saving the environment. School cleaningin Dublin includes several parts of the cleaning of the educational premise. Many schools hire professionally trained school cleaners. If you are also looking for such an agency, Unique Clean is the best bet.

Get the Most Out of Our Services!

We hope you have understood the benefits of school cleaning. Unique Clean has dealt with some premium clients with a massive range of educational establishments. Starting from playschools and high schoolsto universities, we provide various professional and reliable cleaning services.

We ensure that the communication is made clear between our workers and the school management before starting with our operations. We also hold meetings to finalise the flow of action. Our school cleaning services company offers unparalleled customer service alongside quality workmanship with a team of fully-qualified and experienced cleaners.

So, when are you planning to book an appointment with us? We will be pleased to work with you and give you proof of our dedicated services.

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