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Are you wasting your weekend fun in cleaning the garden area, patio, driveway, or the walls of your house? Indeed, the cleaning of such sites is an intimidating task. Such regions also require exclusive equipment and tools that can cost quite a hefty sum for an individual. But, now, sweep off your worry with power washing services by Unique Clean. Now you can plan for a movie or arrange a kitty party for your weekendsand leave all your cleaning hassles to one of the leading power washing companies in the neighbourhood – Unique Clean!

Our professional and experienced cleaners will arrive at your location with the latest equipment and tools to power wash away every challenging stain from the surface areas. Our professional power washing services come with the assurance to deliver top-notch results. Your driveway and patios will regain their original hues once the power wash is accomplished. We guarantee you to astonish you with our performance.

Our latest and highly modernised tools are more than enough to clean any challenging stains of dirt, dust, or grime. They are also designed to suit different types of surfaces like vinyl, stucco, aluminium, hardboards, Masonite, and many more.

How Advantageous is Power Washing Dublin?

Power washing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires highly skilled and specially trained workers to deliver top-level outcomes. The added perks of our power washing Dublin services are:

power washing service cleaning

Power washing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires highly skilled and specially trained workers to deliver top-level outcomes. The added perks of our power washing Dublin services are:

  • The amount to be paid depends on the area’s size designated to be cleaned.
  • For faster work, you can assign more cleaners in one place.
  • Pressure washing service is done with high-tech and latest tools that deliver the best results.

The power washing services prices Ireland are quite affordable.

Why Should You Choose Power Washing Services at Unique Clean?

We are present everywhere: No matter where you reside, our power wash house service experts will reach you at your call. Our dedicated staff is always there at your service. So, book our power washing Dublin service with us today!

Fixed charges; we believe in trust! Unlike other cleaning companies, who quote a specific price for the task and then asks for additional charges for shifting furniture or other cleaning tasks. Our service charges are exclusive for the task assigned. We believe in transparency when it comes to client payments. We finalise the deal with you before starting cleaning processes.

We commit to deliver the eco-friendliest and safest power washing Dublin services to our clients.

We are available for all the days of the week. You can hire our services on any day of the week. We also do not charge an extra price for services on weekends.

Any trouble? Our 24/7 helpline is always there for you.Besides our certified cleaning services, our 24/7 customer care centres are there for helping you with any problem. Our technically skilled employees will provide you with the best advice.

Which Power Wash Cleaning Services DoWe Provide?

Driveway Cleaning

Power wash driveway service is the speciality of Unique Clean. When high-pressure water is connected with our high-tech cleaning equipment and put together with environment-friendly, premium detergent solutions, you can feel amazed with the outcome.

Every worker at Unique Clean is professionally trained to understand the type of exterior surface. Whether the surface is made of bricks, limestone, or textured or patterned concrete, our workers can cover it all with high pressure cleaning Dublin.

Our power wash driveway cleaning experts use warm-sanitised water that is sprayed under extreme pressure on the surface in one direction. The warm water with high-quality cleansing agent successfully extracts most of the fragment from the soiled surfaces.

Patio Cleaning

Adding a patio or deck to your garden adds to your garden's beauty. It can turn your dull garden into a stunning location for dining, entertainment, and for more such festive events. However, it is equally important to clean that gorgeous part of your garden. Our power wash house service is your one-stop solution to such problems. We prevent your patio from building up algae or dirt.

Our trained workers carry out the tasks of restoring your patio's original beauty by performing stepwise cleaning. They start by clearing the area by vacating the place. They use traditional brooms to remove visible loose debris. Then, they use high-pressure water force driven by the jet washing equipment. The water used for cleaning the patio passage also contains a detergent and sanitiser solution that inhibits germs and algae forming bacteria.

Wall Cleaning

Generally, the house's exterior walls are not taken so much care as the interior ones. However, if left, the walls are left for a prolonged period to develop moss and fungus. The moss can even dampen your concrete walls. If your house owns wooden walls, they turn blackish in appearance. Need not to worry! We are there for you. Unique Clean specialises in cleaning wall and roofs of any type. The eco-friendly organic chemicals will kill unwanted predators and protect them from harmful germicidal growths.

The other types of services we offer:

  • Gutter fascia and soffit cleaning
  • Garden furniture cleaning
  • Gum removal services
  • Tarmac surface cleaning
  • Moss removal, and many more.

The usage of hot water in our mobile power washing services is another distinctive feature of Unique Clean. There are many benefits of using hot water – itconsumes less time, saves money, and protects the environment. Do you want to be a part of our mission to safeguard nature? Then book an appointment with us. You can easily search us only by searching in your web browser – mobile power washing services near me. We will be more than pleased to help you out.

Below You Can See Some Results Of Our Power Washing Services:

Cleaning Services FAQs

The pay-out system for power washing is different from other washing services. The money charged is based on the total area of cleaning. The rates may vary from one service agency to another. The rates also vary for patio, walls, driveways, and other locations. The rate also depends on the type of surface to be washed. At Unique Clean, we guarantee our rates will remain the same even if you book us for a one-time cleaning, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

The steps to power wash concrete are as follows:

    • Prepare the area for cleaning. Remove all the loose materials, such as pebbles, stones, or dirt. Cover areas you do not want wet. Determine the direction of cleaning.
    • Now apply degreaser to loosen the challenging stain marks. You can use mobile power washing services of Unique clean to degrease the surfaces.
    • Switch on the power washer and adjust the nozzle. Use the lower nozzle to apply the detergent solution.
    • Spray the high-pressure water on the surface from one direction. Press the trigger and move your device back and forth to clean the surface.
    • After 15 minutes, switch to the high-pressure nozzle for rinsing the overall surface.
  • Apply a sealant on the concrete floor once it has dried up. Use a roller to apply the sealant.


Choosing a suitable cleaner for power washing is a crucial decision. There are certain factors that you must remember while purchasing a cleaner.

  • Do not settle for the cheapest cleaner available in the market.
  • Make sure the cleaner comes with a guarantee period.
  • Before purchasing your desired cleaner, it is essential to explore the cleaners' market. When you feel you have had enough exploration, you can select that ultimate machine.
  • Do not forget to go through the other customer’s review for a particular cleaner.

You can also hire professional agencies or consult them before purchasing a cleaner.You can contact our customer care service available 24/7 just for you for power washing services Dublin

To clean a power washer, there are two components:

Step 1: Open the nozzle of the washer. Inspect if there is any blockage. Insert the needle or other pointed sharp objects to clear the nozzle's openings.

Step 2: Clean the washer’s filter to make sure it runs at its optimal speed.

    • First of all, detach the cold-water hose and unscrew the inlet nozzle. Now remove the inlet filter.
    • Wash the filter with running water to clear away the accumulated dirt in it. You can use a brush to clean the dirt.
  • Once the filter is all clean, re-insert the filter.


The primary difference between power wash and pressure wash is water. The power washer jets use heated water to clean while pressure washers use normal temperature water.

The power washers are convenient for surfaces with tough stains like mildew, salt, and grease.

Since power washers are more compatible with over soiled surfaces, they are preferred more for jobs than pressure washers.

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We hope you have gained comprehensive knowledge about power washing services by Unique Clean. Every day, we stretch ourselves to achieve perfection in our commercial and domestic power washing service. We also commit to maintaining the utmost level of cleaning and sanitising protocols. So, without any delay, book our affordable power washing service! We will be glad to serve you!

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