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The first thing person owning an office aim for is its appearance. Is my office clean to make a good impression on prospective business partners? Does it create a good ambiance for the people working in it? Will it inspire other people to join my office? These are some questions you might be asking yourself, and there is an easy solution to this perpetual problem, which is hiring a professional office cleaning service. The cleaning service professionals will help make your office clean, prim, and proper for conducting business and creating a good first impression. If you hire professional cleaning services for your office, you can rest assured that not a single speck of dust, dirt, or any unpleasant odor will remain in your office.

Here, we will help you to know all the necessary details about the professional business and office cleaning services and will try answering some important questions you might have about them. We hope that after reading this article you will be convinced that you can rely on an office building cleaning service and can rest easy after entrusting your work to them.

A professional office cleaning service can not only guarantee a sterile, sparkling, and hygienic office space but also boosts employee productivity and morale. Whether your office is small or large, cleaning professionals can help transform your office building into an immaculate workplace. Read below to find out the reasons why you should give hiring cleaning specialists for your office a thought.

An Unclean Office Can Lead To The Spread Of Diseases

Most diseases are communicable and spread just by mere physical contact between the employees working in your office. This can prove to be quite troublesome for you and your entire office staff. The professional cleaning services will properly clean and sanitize your floors and ensure that even the faucets and other equipment present in the washrooms have been sanitized. The waste bins will be cleaned thoroughly by professional cleaning services.

The Ambiance Of Your Office Will Become Positive And Professional

Two contrasting images greet people when they enter an office, one is an office with bins overflowing and dirt-laden every step of the way, while the other image is of an office properly cleaned and bins being emptied at regular intervals. We are sure you would like the later image to greet those who enter your office. So, hire professional business and office cleaning services today to make your office look presentable and clean.

Cleaning Services Boost The Morale Of Office Staff

An office that is clean and tidy works to ensure that your employees feel motivated to come to work every day. A clean space ensures that the general mood of the members of your office remains optimistic and benefits the overall working of your office.

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Cleaning Services Will Ensure Proper Ventilation And A Healthy Work Environment

The professional services will clean the air ducts which are generally clogged, and allow the proper flow of air in your office space. It is important to ensure that the air ducts remain clean to prevent any respiratory problems among your office mates and colleagues. The professional office cleaning services will ensure the use of more ‘greener’ products to prevent the office from becoming a habitat for toxic materials.

Cleaning Services Help To Save Your Money In The Long Run

Much of the time even after you’ve cleaned the office by spending a lot of money, you can still find traces of dirt and dust on top of shelves, on top of drawers, on carpets, and more. The professional cleaning services will make sure that your office is thoroughly cleaned, wiped, and dusted so that not a single speck of dirt remains. This also saves money in the longer run.

Your Business Secrets Will Remain Safe

Professional services are generally more reliable than commercial office cleaning services. They are responsible to their clients and will not try to steal any company's secret because such accusations can ruin the business of a professional business cleaning service.

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How To Choose The Best Office Cleaning Agency?

One question that often troubles businesses is how they can make sure to choose the best professional business and office cleaning agency for their office space. What factors should you consider that can help you in making the right decision? Well, the answer can be found in the list mentioned below. Have a look, and you’ll be taken closer to picking the best professional cleaning service for your office.

Does The Agency Have A Good Reputation?

This is an important question which you must look into before hiring a professional cleaning agency for your office. The reputation of the agency will verify if the agency is reliable and professional. You must look into the previous records of the cleaning agency, and this will answer your queries about the years of experience of the cleaning agency. An experienced agency will work better than an agency that has minimal experience.

How Were The Employees Hired?

You must have a look into the capabilities of the employees belonging to the cleaning agency and ask for records detailing the way each employee of the cleaning agency was hired. You must see whether the employees went through a screen testing because these employees will be the ones working in your office, and their credibility must be questioned before you hire the agency.

Does The Cleaning Agency Provide Full Services To Its Customers?

This is an important factor that you must take into consideration before hiring a cleaning agency for your office. This will help you save both the time and money required when hiring a large number of vendors for different purposes. If the agency can perform regular cleaning and deep cleaning services for your office building, then hiring that cleaning agency will be more beneficial for you.

Is The Cleaning Agency Flexible As Per Your Needs?

The cleaning agency must be responsive to your needs, and you must check whether they are prepared to make changes in their schedule depending on your needs and requirements. Working according to the satisfaction of the customers must be the motto of the cleaning agency, and they should be flexible to work according to your schedule.

Has The Company Received Positive Reviews?

The reviews that the company receives are an important factor to consider before hiring a cleaning agency. If the cleaning agency has received consistently positive reviews and only minimal negative reviews then it further acts to provide a testament to the professionalism of the cleaning agency and their working capability.

Is The Professional Cleaning Agency Providing You With Insurance Papers?

The agency you will be hiring for cleaning your company should have valid insurance papers. Otherwise, if any harm comes to any member of the cleaning team sent by the agency, you can fall into trouble and probably will have to give reparations.

Does The Professional Cleaning Agency Offer A Contract?

The cleaning professionals that you want to hire for your office should provide you with a proper contract detailing all the terms with regards to them working for you. If all the terms are acceptable to you, only then should you appoint the cleaning agency for your office. This is one important aspect that you must go through properly because once the contract is signed backing out will be difficult for you.

Is The Cleaning Agency Allowing You To Visit Their Workplace?

It is a known factor that at face value you can gauge the reliability of a person in a manner that is infinitely better than gauging it over a mere phone call. You must send some employee staff from your company to verify the validity and credibility of the local office cleaning services in Dublin through a proper face-to-face meeting.

Unique Clean - The Best Office Cleaning Agency In Dublin

Now, it is time to introduce you to one of the best professional cleaning agencies that you can hire for your office needs, which is Unique Clean. Our cleaning agency is well-known for providing complete satisfaction to its customers. The professionals of Unique Clean pay heed to each and every demand of their clients and work according to the schedule given by you. They have verifiable records, and most customers have only good things to say about Unique Clean’s cleaning services Dublin. The team of cleaning specialists is carefully selected by the agency, and they have been in the business for a long time which explains their expertise.

Unique Clean uses equipment that has been properly sanitised and known for being punctual and leaving your office chambers completely spotless. They entail a wide range of services, inclusive of full cleaning, regular cleaning, and deep office cleaning services. Simply put, they offer A-Z services regarding office and business cleaning. We will further elaborate on the facilities being provided by this company that will convince you about the efficiency of this company.

What Does Unique Clean Cover In Their Office Cleaning Services?

Here is a list of office building cleaning services provided by Unique Clean’s cleaning services Ireland to its customers.

Floor Cleaning

The office floors are continuously walked on by countless people throughout the day. Traces of mud and dirt are stuck to the soles of every shoe, and the floor is the first place that is hampered due to this, becoming a ground for fungi and other bacteria. Unique Clean utilizes the vacuum cleaning method to clean the office floors along with mops to wipe the area. It also offers driveway cleaning services.

Restroom Cleaning

The restrooms are prone to become breeding grounds for different kinds of germs. Unique Clean has sanitised and clean equipment which it uses to clean the washrooms of the office and make them completely sterile and hygienic so that your employees can use them without worrying about being infected by any disease.

Pantry Cleaning

Pantries are the place where the food is prepared for all the workers of the office. As such, if the pantry becomes infested with germs it will lead to the spread of disease to all the colleagues of the office. Unique Clean cleans all the utensils, cutlery, and tabletops present in the pantry and makes the place completely sanitised.

Meeting Room

The meeting room is the place where you conduct regular meetings to get an idea about the progress of your company and also meet business partners. Thus, the meeting rooms need to be perfectly cleaned to lead a good impression on your business partners. Unique Cleanservices make sure to leave the most important area of your office spotless and filled with a pleasant odor.


The staircase is another area of your office that can become a nesting ground for germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms if not cleaned regularly. The cleaning specialists of Unique Clean are well-trained to properly clean and sanitise the staircase and make it all prepped and ready for use by the members of your office staff.

Workstation Cleaning

A workstation is an important place where all your employees work and carry out their daily activities on their various devices. Unique Clean ensures that all the laptops, tabletops, and stationaries present in the workplace are clean, tidy, and properly sanitised to enable productivity.

Boss Cabin Cleaning

The boss cabin attempts to make a positive first impression on those who wish to entertain partnerships with the company. As such, Unique Clean works to make sure that the cupboards, electronic devices, ceilings, floors, and walls of the boss cabin are in perfect condition and completely clean.

Reception Room Cleaning

The reception is the first place that visitors see upon entering the office. Also, numerous daily activities are conducted with a wide range of people in the reception room. Unique Clean services ensure that the logbooks, computers, and other devices used by those at the front desk are in pristine condition.

Reception Room Cleaning

The reception is the first place that visitors see upon entering the office. Also, numerous daily activities are conducted with a wide range of people in the reception room. Unique Clean services ensure that the logbooks, computers, and other devices used by those at the front desk are in pristine condition.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery is often used in offices to make the workplace look presentable. Unique Clean services strive to clean all types of fabrics to rid the upholstery of any germs. They have all the equipment necessary and tested cleaners to make the upholstery look brand new.

After Builder Cleaning

The office goes through a multitude of modifications and construction work regularly which leave behind evidence in the form of sawdust. Unique Clean makes sure to eliminate all sawdust, dirt, and any unpleasant odor accumulated after construction work. Their cleaning specialists sanitise the office space thoroughly to make it habitable for you and your staff once again.

Regular Office Cleaning

Regular office cleaning services provided by Unique Clean ensure that your conference rooms, restrooms, floors, ceilings, walls, fabrics, equipment are deeply cleaned and sanitised so that your office does not become a carrier of diseases. The regular cleaning services are performed on a daily basis by the Unique Clean experts. They also ensure clearing out of waste bins.

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Why Should You Choose Unique Clean Cleaning Services?

So, what is it about Unique Clean services that set them apart from all the other cleaning services, and why do we believe that they are the best for your office needs? Read below to find out the reasons that will convince you as well to hire Unique Clean’scleaning services Dublin specialists.

Thorough Professional

Unique Clean, your reliable cleaning company Dublin has people who are extremely well-behaved towards their customers and have received minimum complaints from their clients over the years. They are known to arrive on time and can be considered to be reliable with the ability to work without stealing sensitive information. They are known not to make any last-minute cancellations and allow all their customers an opportunity to provide feedback.

Adaptable To Your Schedule

The cleaning services always consider the needs and requirements of their customers before scheduling appointments with their customers and can perform weekly or daily office cleaning. Our professionals at Unique Cleanwill not encroach upon your office at a time that is uncomfortable to you like when you are having important meetings or there are guests in your office. They can easily adjust to any changes which you might make.

Responsive To Your Needs And Demands

Unique Clean’s cleaning services will respond to all your demands and complaints at the earliest possible time.  We will try to solve any complaints that you might be having and are known to not harry our customers.

Experienced Staff

The staff employed by the Unique Cleanis highly experienced and have gone through many screening tests before being selected by the services. We are in the business for a long time now, so you can trust them to send in reliable people to make your office space clean and shiny.

Highly-rated By Previous Customers

The maximum reviews which they have received for their work are generally positive, and they hardly get any sort of negative reviews. You can consult these reviews for a clearer picture of Unique Clean cleaning services.


The fact that they have maintained their positions as the top tiers for so long shows proof that the Unique Clean services have been consistent in their jobs and work in a manner that ensues optimism amongst their employees.  

Cleaning Services FAQs

Here, we have compiled a list of few popularly asked questions pertaining to office cleaning services. Hopefully, these will help clear most of your doubts.

Generally, the office cleaning prices vary according to the number of people cleaning your office. The cost of cleaning is little bit higher for Unique Clean professionals than for those inexperienced. The highest cost is around €1000 while the lowest cost is around €80 and the average cost is €220.

The price range of  best office cleaning services can range from €20 per hour service to a few €120 for deep cleaning of your office. This price range depends on the type of cleaning which the cleaning service has to perform. The price generally escalates for the deep cleaning service.

The list we are giving might vary but the most important things that are required for cleaning the office are a vacuum cleaner, a sponge mop, plastic buckets, brooms, rubber gloves, plastic bags, and a cleaning supply cart. The professionals at Unique Clean clean your offices in every aspect.

The hourly rate for commercial cleaning can be between €20 and €30 by Unique Clean. However, if the cleaner is charging according to the area being cleaned, then most probably the person will charge somewhere around 55 cents for every square meter.

For pricing the cleaning contracts you must pay the cleaning service on an hourly basis depending upon the manual labor. If the office is long and big, the contract should be priced based on every square meter being covered by the cleaning team.

Cleaning every place is important; but when it comes to office cleaning, it requires professionalism of the highest level.  When you choose Unique Clean for your office cleaning, you can rest assured that your office is in safe hands. Feel free to contact us!

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