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Who wants their home to look dirty and be a breeding ground for germs, pests, diseases? Being ignorant about your house cleaning will prove to be very harmful to physical as well as mental health. A prime sign of sophistication and responsibility is when you keep your home and surrounding clean. It is essential to clean your house over time because of the health factor. It is inappropriate to live in a dirty and filthy place.

But the fact is we can't blame anyone in this matter. In this heavily competitive market, we are so busy balancing our home and simultaneously facing some challenges that jeopardise our cleaning routines. And though cleaning is necessary, everyone can't clean their house by themselves because of the time factor; hardly anybody knows the cleaning methods. So, why not hire a company for your entire cleaning problem? "Drum rolls please..." because we present Unique Clean – the best company for housekeeping cleaning services in Dublin. Say goodbye to all your cleaning-related troubles with Unique Clean.

If you are looking for a house keeping cleaning company in Dublin that will offer you expert services at an affordable rate, it is Unique Clean Our prime objective is to satisfy our clients with our 100% efforts. If you have any doubts or want to know more about our company, read on.

Unique Clean - #1 Professional House Keeping Cleaning Company in Dublin

The best way to keep your house clean in a busy schedule is by recruiting an expert house keeping company. You will find many companies providing house keeping services in Dublin. But if you want the best, then undoubtedly go for Unique Clean. Undeniably, we provide the best house keeping services in Dublin, including both domestic and commercial cleaning services. We are even considered the best local office cleaners Dublin 1. As we are a top-notch cleaning business in Ireland, you can easily depend on us for your cleaning and hygiene requirements at affordable rates.

Why Is House Cleaning Absolutely Unavoidable?

Are you still wondering whether to hire a professional for the job? Let us give you a greater insight to say goodbye to your confusions. Here are some facts on why house cleaning is unavoidable and how avoiding it can cause greater harm:

Everybody loves to step into a house that is clean and feels fresh; thus, after a busy day, you will also want to enter your house to feel the fresh air, and everything looks clean and organised. Our experts of Unique Clean will give more attention to air purification. Thus, with professional house keeping service, you will have improved indoor air quality.
The main reason for cleaning your house is to be free from all germs and viruses and avoid diseases and illness. The housekeeping team at Unique Clean uses high-quality products to evacuate all the germs from the house.
You will be able to relax and sleep peacefully in a clean, organised, and scented house. After all, after a busy schedule, everybody needs a sound sleep.
If you have kids or pets in the house, it is necessary to clean your house. You obviously will not want your pets and kids to fall sick. Also, kids and pets create a lot of mess, so hiring a house keeping team will help you clean more efficiently, like removing the stains on the floors and walls, vacuuming your pets' hair from the room's furniture, etc.

Isn't it beneficial to hire a company like Unique Clean, which offers the best house keeping services in Dublin? If you are saying yes, then call us now.

How to Select a Premium Home Cleaning Company in Dublin?

Finding and selecting a professional company that offers the best housekeeping services in Dublin is not easy. And before choosing one, you should do a lot of research to know whether the company is really good or not. And you cannot keep searching for a housekeeping company every time. What qualifications can you state a house keeping company to be the best and hire them? To help you, here are some factors based on which you can hire the best company that offers the best housekeeping services in Dublin:


Professional house keeping agencies like Unique Clean will look after all your requirements and take corrective measures to complete the task efficiently. We have highly trained employees who have the knowledge and professionalism to carry out the job.


Expertise comes with experience. The perfect example of it is the cleaning team of Unique Clean. We are in this field of work for several years; thus, we provide the best efforts possible.

Usage of Latest Technology and Tools:

A professional company should use the latest technology and tools to satisfy the clients' needs. Unique Clean incorporates all the latest gadgets and high-quality tools to complete a home cleaning job.

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Short and Easy Service:

A professional housekeeping company will provide proper cleaning and do the job quickly and efficiently. Unique Clean will complete the cleaning job as quickly as possible and efficiently.

Trustable and Reliable:

One of the main factors based on which you can judge a company is reliability and trustworthiness. An expert housekeeping company must be reliable and trustworthy; when you are not around, you can depend on the company and the employees to do their job properly.

And with reliability comes trust. Choose a company where they appoint workers after checking their backgrounds, like Unique Clean.

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What to Expect from A House Keeping Cleaning Company?

Blemish-Free Floors:

A professional housekeeping employee will provide you with blemishes-free floors.

Do Add-Ons:

You can expect some cleaning of the refrigerator, furniture pieces, photo frames, etc.

Taking Care of All the Client's Requirements:

As customer satisfaction is one of the prime objectives, fulfilling all the requirements is expectable.

Cleaned Ceilings:

An expert will look after all the stains, cobwebs, dirt, and dust on the ceiling.


When you hire a professional, ask them to vacuum all the possible areas.

Moving Objects:

It is part of the professional's job to lift the things and clean the areas properly.

Below You Can See Some Results Of Our House Cleaning Services:

House Keeping Cleaning Services in Dublin by Unique Clean

There is no doubt that Unique Clean is a very popular house keeping company in Dublin, and it also comes under the category of the best cleaning business in Ireland. Since you have the best in front of you, you do not have to keep looking for the best in Dublin and other areas such as Kildare, Dublin, Meath, North Dublin, and South Dublin. Unique Clean has earned and maintained its reputation and quality of work overtime. At Unique Clean, we offer both office cleaning and residential cleaning services. As we are talking about the housekeeping department, let's see what we are offering you particularly.

After Builders Cleaning:

Your home can be very messy and dirty after any construction or renovation. Leave the after builders cleaning job to us. Our expert workers will quickly and easily remove all the stains and dirt. It is not possible for you to remove all the sand, pebbles, etc. Our professional team will clean all the things for you and do some extra work according to your requirements.

Carpet Cleaning:

Do not throw away your carpets because they are dirty. Also, do not wash your carpets by yourself because it can cause deterioration in the shine and the softness of the carpet. Call us for our carpet cleaning service to make your carpet fresh and clean. Our carpet cleaners use high-quality products that maintain the quality of the carpets. Also, we use the correct cleaning technology.

Rug Cleaning:

Decorating the houses with rugs is very common. So, we can expect that you too have used many rugs overtime to decorate your house. So, if you have your old, dirty, clumsy rug lying in your basement, it is the right time to hire our rug cleaning service. We will clean your rugs with appropriate products and care to make them shiny and soft as they were when new.

One-Off Cleaning:

When you keep your home closed over time, you may have recognised how dirty it can get, so you can hire our one off cleaning services if you have not cleaned your home yet.

Window Cleaning:

Windows are the beautiful parts of a house. But cobwebs and dust are very natural when the windows are kept unseen and uncleaned. So, hire the expert team of Unique Clean for top-notch window cleaning.

Deep Cleaning:

If not weekly or monthly, once a year, you can hire us for deep cleaning services. Our team of expert cleaners will not leave any corners or crevices dirty; even they will clean all the areas that are hard to reach by you.

Gutter Cleaning:

Overflowing and bad-smelling gutters should be taken care of immediately. Dirty gutters can cause the spread of severe diseases and cause a decrease in health. So, call Unique Clean now for gutter cleaning. Of course, you will not want to clean it by yourself. And leaving the gutters uncleaned can also cause trouble with your neighbours. And don't you think it will be so awkward when your guests get a bad smell around your house due to the gutters?

Driveway Cleaning:

Driveways can be real dump yards if not cleaned and ignored over time. And cleaning the driveway is not an easy job; after all, you have to clean all the stains, remove things, etc., which needs expertise and proper tools and products. Since we provide multiple cleaning services, call us to hire our driveway cleaning services also. Our cleaners use the power wash method to provide you with a blemish-free driveway.

Upholstery Cleaning:

You surely will not want your upholstered furniture to throw away because it is dirty. But if it is not cleaned from time to time, it can lose its appearance and shine. Hire our upholstery cleaning experts now because cleaning upholstered furniture needs experience. Cleaning it from time to time will increase its life span and retain its shape and appearance. So, for impeccable cleaning of your upholstered furniture, contact Unique Clean now.

House Cleaning:

We appoint highly trained and experienced cleaners from Unique Clean, who offer impeccable cleaning to your house. We will clean all the rooms and hidden places that can be the home to germs and diseases. Also, there is no problem in cleaning the difficult parts of your house as our team knows how to easily reach the difficult parts of the room. We check everything and offer the best house keeping service, which involves the complete cleaning of all the pieces of furniture.

End of Tenancy Cleaning:

In order to get the deposit from the old place, you need to clean your house properly before moving. We can understand that how stressful and tiring things can be while moving to a new place and shifting things. You can get relief from this aspect of cleaning your old home as Unique Clean offers end of tenancy cleaning service at a super affordable price. While you will be busy moving to a new place and shifting your things, our workers will clean your old home and make it look like a new one.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We have years of experience in this field of work, and this is why we provide the finest cleaning services to our clients.
Unique Clean is popular in the entire Dublin due to highly trained experts giving their 100% in every work.
Our company has licenses and insurances both for the services we offer to our clients.
As we have said before, we incorporate the latest technology in our work process. We also use eco-friendly and organic products.
We provide flexible services to our clients. So, you can contact us when you feel convenient.
As a company of professional cleaners, we never disclose or try to hamper any of our client's privacy. And as a matter of fact, we appoint all our employees or worker after check their background and qualification.
We also take various safety measures and look after the clients and all the factors while working.
We might be the best cleaning business in Ireland, yet we offer our clients low charges. Thus, everybody can hire us as we are pretty affordable.
The main priority is client satisfaction; thus, we will not do anything to hamper that.

Cleaning Services FAQs

We have an official website, where you will get our number/e-mail ID. You can call us or drop a message; even you can mail us about your service requirements.

Unique Clean offers expert cleaning services all across Ireland. So, you spot our company easily, or you can call us any time.

The number of workers depends on the client's requirements. We send the exact number required for a particular job.

We accept checks. You can pay us in cash for a one-time cleaning, but you can drop a check when it is about regular cleaning, or we can bill you.

Whether you are present or not, it does not matter as we will continue our work eventually. You can be present while the work is going on or leave, it totally depends on you. Our workers had worked before when the clients were not present.

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