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Gym Cleaning Services in Dublin

Unique Clean provides professional gym cleaning services for gyms of any size in Dublin and its surrounding areas. We are your reliable cleaning partner, offering you exceptional cleaning services every time. In this current pandemic situation, everyone needs to stay safe and healthy. There are many areas and equipment in the gym touched countless times during the day and by many people. If you are a gym owner and you don’t have your gym regularly cleaned, then it could cause a negative impact on your business or a person's health due to catching Covid-19. We understand that every gym and fitness centre’s main priority is customer hygiene and safety. Our cleaning services focus on value for money, attention to detail and a quality clean every time. A gym should create a healthy environment for customers. We want your customers to have a pleasant experience while using your gym. We offer the top gym cleaning in Dublin using the best cleaning team.

Our Gym Cleaning Process


Disinfecting a premise is hugely important to keep your gym clean and Covid free. We use the best quality disinfectant that is formulated for gym cleaning to get the best possible cleaning experience. The disinfecting process helps us eliminate almost 100% of harmful germs that are present on gym equipment as well as hard surfaces such as furniture, windows, lockers rooms, and more.  


We use quality sanitisers as part of our gym cleaning routine. Sanitisers have the potential to get rid of every type of bacteria, viruses, Covid-19, and other microorganisms. Sanitisation is one of the most important parts of gym cleaning. This process works by disinfecting or cleaning objects and surfaces to lower the risk of spreading infection.  


Sterilisation is a process of killing harmful germs using complex thermal and non-thermal processes. With the current pandemic situation, we offer sterilisation for gyms.  

The services included in our gym cleaning process includes:

  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning 
  • Restroom Cleaning
  • Locker Room Cleaning

Cleaning Supplies for Gym Equipment

The following cleaning supplies can be used to clean gym equipment and the gym area:


You can use a DIY disinfectant or a ready-made disinfectant to clean all your gym equipment. The best DIY cleaner may consist of chlorine, tap water, vinegar, and a capsule of salt. Making your own DIY disinfectant won't cause any type of allergy to your gym members.

Compostable Kitchen Wipes

An eco-friendly and convenient way to clean and wipe down your equipment in the gym after each use is by using quality bamboo wipes. These wipes are unscented to get that perfect cleaning experience and remove sweat and grime off the equipment.

Washing Spray

Washing spray is one of the most used and effective cleaners for the gym. The spray can be used to clean equipment and those areas that cannot be moped. The washing spray is very useful for cleaning mats and other equipment present in your gym.

Mop Kit

A quality mop kit is required to essentially clean your gym perfectly. The mop kit should be easy to use and install. The mop will help for cleaning all floors as well as for windowsill cleaning.

Why Choose Us?

  • 100% dependability
  • Professionalism
  • Attention to detail
  • Value for money
  • Fully insured staff
  • High standards of Cleaning
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • A gym cleaning service that will meet and exceed your expectations
  • An experienced customer care team

If you are looking for the best gym cleaning company in Dublin, then Unique Clean is the company for you. Our cleaning technicians are commercial cleaning professionals trained to use professional cleaning products. With unique clean, you can feel confident that your business is protected against infections, germs, and Covid-19. Our team is equipped with industry cleaning knowledge to get the job done successfully. We understand that every gym facility is unique, and we will work with you to create a cost-effective and consistent cleaning plan that will accommodate all your needs. Request a quote now and receive a response within minutes.