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The Speciality of Unique Clean with End of tenancy cleaning services in Cabinteely

Our services are designed and can be tailormade in order to fit into your schedule, lifestyle, and budget. You can decide on when your house has to be clean and how it has to be cleaned by Unique Clean. How often your house requires to be cleaned is also something you can decide based on your convenience. Here is more information about End of tenancy cleaning services.

Our End of tenancy cleaning services Specialize In:

Competitive Prices
Insured, Certified, Professional, and Uniformed Carpet Cleaners
Service Provided on All Days of the Week
Cleaning Methods That Are Child and Pet Safe
Customer Satisfaction

You can choose to attain a free quote from Unique Clean on the different cleaning services that we have to offer our clients in Cabinteely. The quote can be obtained over a phone call, by chatting with us, or by filling an online application. Obtaining a quote would ensure that you are aware of how much it is about to cost you to have your house cleaned.

What Includes General Cleaning?

It is common for most people to choose general End of tenancy cleaning services than deep cleaning. To know about what is included in common End of tenancy cleaning services you can call or contact us. People choose to either have it done on a regular basis or on a one-off basis. If both partners at home are working this it is unlikely for you to have the time to clean your house regularly. We wish that you know the things that are usually covered in general cleaning of the house. They are as follows:

Living Room, Bedrooms, and Other Common Areas

We wish to throw some light on how each of these areas are cleaned by our professionals from Unique Clean. It would help you understand to what extent each area would be cleaned at your house. Although we have listed the different types of cleaning for each area, we would like you to understand that we are not limited to these. If a client has a request for a specific area to be cleaned and is not included in the list provided below, we would still be able to have it cleaned.


Unique Clean End of tenancy cleaning services in Cabinteely provides exceptional cleaning of the bathrooms at your household. However, it might be a good idea for you to let us know the number of bathrooms that you have at your house.

This would allow us at Unique Clean to quote prices better and have all the essentials required to perform the best cleaning of the bathrooms at your place. Our experts would ensure that they carry cleaning liquids, detergents, sanitizers, and other essentials accordingly.

Scrub cleaning of the toilets would be part of the cleaning process that we offer you with End of tenancy cleaning services. This would be an essential part of our team’s work when it comes to the overall hygiene of your toilets.

Cleaning the sink/sinks at your bathroom and rinse and wipe your bath tubs is also covered in the general cleaning. Apart from this we also clean your mirrors, clean outside of your cabinets, clean shower door, and clean drawers if you have any in your bathroom.

Living Room, Bedrooms, and Other Common Areas

When it comes to Unique Clean End of tenancy cleaning services in Cabinteely, we ensure that your common areas, bedrooms, and living room is covered. Our trained professionals begin with dusting the pictures that are hanging on walls and that are on shelves and stands.

They then proceed to dust the shelves, and the furniture, and clean the window ledges. Cleaning of staircases, hallways, hall, and removing cobwebs if any are done. De-clutter of the floors is followed by this process and then we move on to wipe clean the electronics.

Once this is done our trained professionals would do the upholstery cleaning, window cleaning, and make sure all dust from other areas is removed. A complete vacuum of your place is done after this and then is followed by mopping all areas of the floor.

All the above-mentioned cleaning is done to these rooms. This ensures that we leave your house completely clean and tidy after our work is completed. In case you want your beds to be made we can do it too upon specific request from the home owners and not otherwise.


We understand that the kitchens at your home are the most vulnerable when it comes to being untidy. Hence, we have included it as a part of our End of tenancy cleaning services at Unique Clean. Cleaning of all surfaces at your kitchens is inclusive of the general cleaning package.

Apart from this we wipe clean the outside of all your electronic and other appliances in the kitchen. Cabinets, fridge, ovens, and drawers are also cleaned on the outside in your kitchen to make it look as good as new.

Whatever requires wet wipe is done accordingly by our team of professionals at your kitchen. After this process your kitchen sink and general dining area is also cleaned completely. Furthermore, we vacuum and mop your floors in the kitchen.

One Off Deep Cleaning

The one-off deep cleaning process is also called as specialist clean that is done by Unique Clean professionals. This is a service that is commonly used by people during the festival season. However, people also avail this service when the cleaning process becomes overwhelming.

We have listed out the following that is done along with the general cleaning process. Anything that you might want to add with the general End of tenancy cleaning services can be done at good prices. Some companies also term it as spring time cleaning services.

Below is the list of services that you can choose to either add or just use as one-off deep cleaning services that we offer.

Inside Fridge Cleaning
Inside Cabinet Cleaning
Inside Oven Cleaning
Move in Cleaning
Move Out Cleaning
End of Tenancy or Lease Cleaning
Interior of Windows Cleaning
Cleaning of Walls
Cleaning of Blinds
Washing Dishes if Necessary
Steam Cleaning of the Carpets or Rugs

You would be surprised to find out that we also offer specialized carpet cleaning service along with other cleaning services. This is available for both residential buildings and commercial ones in Cabinteely.

Inside Cleaning of Appliances

It is important that you ensure the appliances that are at your home have a deep cleaning done as frequently as possible. You can either choose to do it yourself or dial us to have professional cleaning of these done.

Spilled food particles in your oven, microwave, fridge, and cabinets can be completely cleaned and disinfected if necessary. You would be able to feel the freshness and exuberance once our professionals have completed the cleaning process.

The cleaning of interiors of your home is of utmost importance when it comes to having a hygienic environment. This is commonly why people choose to hire Unique Clean for deep house cleaning services that we have to offer for the people in Cabinteely.

Move in Cleaning

You might want to consider choosing to use Unique Clean move in cleaning services when relocating to Cabinteely. This can be an important thing that you might want to do which would ensure that you have a clean house to move in to.

Many people who vacate their homes in Cabinteely and when moving out to a different location do not choose to have a complete or deep cleaning done. This can often leave a bad feeling for you as a tenant who wishes to move into the house.

Despite you putting in your best efforts towards house cleaning it might not be as good as a set of professionals doing it for you. It would also save you additional stress that you might already be having due to moving from one place to another.

Additionally, you can also save a considerable amount of time when the cleaning process is done by professionals. Our local End of tenancy cleaning services Cabinteely are second to none when you compare the cleaning companies in Ireland or in the specific industry.

End of Tenancy or Lease Cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning is also something most people do not consider using. However, when you look at the advantages it brings you might want to use this service from Unique Clean. The deposit that you pay towards your tenancy or lease is often at stake.

You might even end up losing a considerable amount of your deposit if you let the house look shabby and disoriented. By using this service, you can ensure that the house looks as good as it was when you moved in or even better than that.

Our End of tenancy cleaning services in Cabinteely experts can make sure that the house is kept clean so that it does not qualify towards the owner not paying part of your deposit. This can also include driveway cleaning and power washing cleaning of the entire house.

**Kindly Note**

You can choose to combine any of the services that Unique Clean has to offer with the other services that are posted on our website. Usually, combining different services on a customized package for your home may help you avail good discounts to save money. It may not be possible for you to combine offers that are available on the website along with an offer that was provided outside the website. Discounts, offers, and promotions may be seasonal and are subject to change. You may want to confirm with a customer support associate at Unique Clean before you conclude on your financial commitment. You can choose to contact our support staff either by phone, chat, email, or by filling out an online form that is provided on our official website. This can help us provide you with a quote and a clear understanding about the offers, promotions, and discounts if any.

Unique Clean Guarantee to Clients

House Cleaning Services Dublin
Offer nothing but the best cleaning of End of tenancy cleaning services solutions to our clients in Cabinteely.
Materials that are used for End of tenancy cleaning services are of the highest quality.
Expert cleaning solutions only by technicians and professionals who are certified.
Use equipment that is up to date and in par with the latest technology in the market.
Only eco-friendly, non-toxic, child safe, and pet safe cleaning materials (liquids, detergents, solutions, and sprays) are used by Unique Clean at your home.
Offer the best customer service in the industry and address concerns if any with no delays whatsoever.
Answer any questions that our clients may have on our solutions and services in the best possible manner.
Guarantee the best possible service in Cabinteely for our clients

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End of tenancy cleaning services in Cabinteely


End of tenancy cleaning services in Cabinteely


End of tenancy cleaning services in Cabinteely


End of tenancy cleaning services in Cabinteely

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Cleaning Services FAQs

We at Unique Clean have done our best to provide all our residential clients with the best clarity possible on our services. However, it is possible that you may still have questions that may be unanswered. The below list would provide you with some of the most FAQs by clients.

Deep cleaning might be required for your home when you do not have the time or resources to do it. While some people choose to do it twice in a year there are others who do it once. However, this depends on how often you want it to be cleaned. This often varies from one home to another depending on their comfort and budget.

We always advise our clients and customers to make a booking as early as they potentially can. By making an advance booking means that you would be able to schedule your timeslot and date without any trouble. This especially helps when you are looking to schedule an appointment during the festival or holiday season.

You do not have to break a sweat to obtain a quote from Unique Clean. Call, chat, email, or fill up an online application for us to provide you with a quote. You may also leave your number for us to call back if you have any specific questions about our rates.

Making an appointment is simple for our customers. Like stated above, you can choose to use any of the communication channels like phone, chat, email, or filling an online form to make an appointment.

We understand that it is important for you to know if the process has been done in accordance to what we promised. This is why we maintain a checklist of the things we do so that you can inspect them upon your return home. Our team members would tick off each item in the checklist and leave it back at your home for you to verify the same.

We guarantee you that all our professionals who are at Unique Clean are insured and are covered by public liability insurance.

We accept all major payment methods that are authorized by the government. You can pay by credit card, direct bank transfer, Paypal, or cash depending on your convenience.

Once the work at your home is completed you would understand how flat rates are better than hourly rates. This is because Unique Clean professionals tend to work until your house is completely cleaned. Our promises before we begin are fulfilled by all means despite the number of hours it might take for the process to be completed.

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