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Your exceptional company requires exceptional cleaning services. Right? Are you looking to get your office and commercial space cleaned? Unique Clean caters to all your commercial cleaning needs. We provide several different kinds of commercial cleaning services to offices of all sizes and ensure that they stay clean and pristine. We have a team of expert cleaners who are all skilled and experienced in cleaning several different kinds of commercial spaces.

Unique Clean provides commercial cleaning services in Dublin and has a team of reliable, dedicated and trustworthy cleaners who are all trained to do their job adequately. We are one of the best cleaning business in Ireland and are here to support every business in Dublin. We serve clients across the country and provide unmatched cleaning services.

We pledge to offer only the best and nothing else. We are a renowned name in the cleaning industry and provide a vast range of specialist cleaning services to suit the different needs of distinct businesses. Get updated with the latest industry news.

About Unique Clean’s Commercial Cleaning Services In Dublin

Unique Clean are cleaning contractors that have over 30 years of experience in the industry. We pride our services and focus on the complete satisfaction of our consumers. Also, our local office cleaners Dublin 1 are all environmentally conscious and use products that are completely safe for the environment and people. We aim to provide services that are beyond expectations.


We have a team of well-trained, diverse and enthusiastic cleaners who ensure to deliver the best possible quality of work. We guarantee to offer efficient and problem-free commercial cleaning services with exceptional support. You are just required to schedule a meeting with us, and we have all your cleaning needs covered. With years of experience in everything we do, we ensure to provide adequate office cleaning.


Our team is very friendly and readily assists all our clients. If you have any query concerning the cleaning services that we provide, you can simply contact our team today to get your needs assisted.


Unique Clean is a renowned and one of the highly-rated commercial cleaning  businesses. Our services are all of unmatched quality and are offered at affordable rates. Give us a call and discuss all your needs with our team, they will assist all your needs.

We are a team of specialist cleaners and we offer cleaning services as per your needs and at the required intervals. Our professionals offer services that include:


  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Fortnightly
  • End of Tenancy
  • Builder Cleans
  • One-off Cleans
  • Spring Cleaning


Unique Clean is a professional commercial cleaning service provider and we offer commercial cleaning services of high quality. We provide expert cleaning services to consumers, irrespective of the industry, businesses operate in. Right from professional deep cleaning to regular commercial cleaning, they cater to several different kinds of cleaning needs. We offer comprehensive cleaning services that include carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, window cleaning, gutters cleaning, rug cleaning, driveway cleaning, etc.


A wide range of different services are offered to cover all cleaning service needs. No matter, if you are looking for deep cleaning, one-off cleaning, weekly, or fortnightly cleaning, you have all your cleaning needs covered. Our commercial cleaning services are all competitively priced to ensure experienced and professional cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Dublin We Offer:

Carpet Cleaning

If your workspace has areas covered with carpet, we will take care of it. Our carpet cleaning services will ensure your carpet stays clean and shiny. The cleaning services are customised to suit the needs of different commercial properties. We cater to retail units, offices, factories, shopping centres and more.

Gutter Cleaning

This cleaning service is required to keep the surroundings of your workspace clean and hygienic. Unique Clean offers quality cleaning services to ensure that your property is properly cleaned. Professional Gutter Cleaning services are offered to ensure that the drainage of your system stays in optimal working condition.

Retail Cleaning

If you own a retail store, your cleaning needs are covered by Unique Clean. We offer professional and experienced cleaning services for shopping centres and shops. Our staff are all trained and knowledgeable with the latest industry trends to keep your space workspace, clean, hygienic and completely safe.

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Office Cleaning

Unique Clean provides professional cleaning to consumers operating different businesses across Dublin. Our office cleaning services are aimed to provide a happy and healthy workspace for the employees of all our clients.

Power Cleaning

Unique Clean offers professional and skilled power washing services to clean your outdoor space, remove algae and dirt from all potential spaces. Our cleaning services ensure that your property stays clean and looking fresh.

Deep Cleaning

Unique Clean offers professional cleaning services for commercial properties, irrespective of the industry they operate in. We ensure proper cleaning and disinfecting of the entire workspace. Even the most spoiled properties are deep cleaned at cost-effective prices.


Unique Clean also offers sanitisation services for commercial properties to ensure that the property of our clients stays free from germs and bacteria of all kinds. We ensure a clean and hygienic workspace for all our clients.

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Commercial Cleaning Services In Dublin for Happy Workplace!

You will stay worry-free after hiring our commercial cleaning services in Dublin. Our team of expert cleaners ensure that your workspace is always clean, healthy and safe from all potential unhygienic risks. Moreover, a healthy workplace helps in enhancing the productivity of your employees. Trust skilled cleaning professionals of Unique Clean and with our cleaning services, there is no looking back.


May it be commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, after builders cleaning or just any other cleaning services, all your needs are covered effectively. Commercial cleaning services of the highest standards are offered since we have a great experience of several years in the cleaning industry.


We use cleaning equipment of the latest technology to ensure nothing is left uncleaned. Also, good-quality cleaning products are used to make sure that the facility is cleaned adequately and is free from dirt and dust of all kinds. With the help of our cleaning services, you can keep your consumers and employees safe and protected.


That said, we care about cleanliness and hence ensure that the facility stays super clean and shiny. Your workspace is the first impression of your business to the clients, and a clean workplace helps develop a long-lasting relationship with your client. It reflects confidence and passion for what you are doing. In the same way, we are a team of passionate cleaners, who look forward to cleaning and happy workspaces.

Our Cleaning Services are of High Standards

High-standard cleaning services for workspaces of high standards. Our team relentlessly pursues the highest standard commercial cleaning services in Dublin. Our customised cleaning programs are all designed to ensure that all cleaning needs are met. Also, you pay only for the services you avail of, and we will not charge even a single extra penny. No matter, if you are looking for daily, fortnightly, weekly, or one-time office cleaning services, we have your needs covered.


We offer much more than the basic cleaning services, and the results obtained are all beyond expectations. Now you will not have to worry about those hefty bills that cleaning companies often give to their clients. Our rates are all transparent and you will not get any surprise bills. We do what we promise, and follow up with all our consumers to ensure that they are satisfied with our services.


If sometimes, you feel that the services offered are not up to your expectations, simply give us a call, and we will ensure that we clean your space again to reach your expectation levels.

Custom Cleaning Plans Offered for Businesses to Obtain Several Benefits

Healthy and Worry-Free Environment:

A clean and hygienic workspace decreases the number of sick leaves your employees take, and always keeps your consumers safe from all potential germs and viruses.

Professional Cleaners and Advanced Technology:

The cleaning experts we hire are all thoroughly trained and leverage disinfecting systems and proprietary cleaning services to ensure that the dust and dirt are dramatically reduced. We ensure the workspace free from all infection-causing germs.

Save Time and Money:

When you hire our cleaning services, you will not have to worry about it anymore. This lets you focus on other core activities of your business. You can also streamline your expenses by outsourcing your cleaning needs. Also, professional cleaning services ensure a spotless and disinfected workplace.

Professional Cleaners and Advanced Technology:

The cleaning experts we hire are all thoroughly trained and leverage disinfecting systems and proprietary cleaning services to ensure that the dust and dirt are dramatically reduced. We ensure the workspace free from all infection-causing germs.

A wide range of commercial cleaning services are offered to ensure your office stays clean and your employees stay happy. Uncleaned workspaces reduce the morale of employees and they are not inviting for your consumers as well. When your clients see that your office is not clean, they lose confidence in hiring your services.

We have several teams of professional cleaners who are all experienced in their work and are well-trained in everything they do. Rigorous training is provided to the cleaners to ensure that they stay updated with the latest cleaning trends. Our basic cleaning services are similar to deep cleans and we perform intense cleaning.

We understand the importance of a clean and hygienic workspace and hence ensure the right cleaning services for the well-being of people. A pristine work environment is something integral for a commercial space. A clean space enhances the profitability of your business as well.

Unique Clean is a renowned brand and is famous for impressive and prominent cleaning services provided every time our cleaners are hired. Our team is dedicated and highly skilled to ensure that premier services are offered for the employees. We employ the best tools, latest technologies and systematic procedures to ensure crystal-clean workspaces.

Commercial Cleaning Services In Dublin for Any Industry

No matter what type of office you own and the kind of building it is located in, professional cleaning services are delivered to help businesses promote a healthy work environment, and also keep your office space sparkling as new. We pride the services offered since unmatched commercial cleaning services are provided at unbelievable rates.


We guarantee the quality of service offered and if you hire us for one-off cleaning, we are sure that you will hire us again and again for several other kinds of cleaning. Unique Clean is a full-service cleaning company that ensures that the workspace is left behind clean with no traces of bad odour or residue. Irrespective of the kind of facility you have, we have a complete set of tools and products to get workspaces of different kinds clean. We handle our cleaning and disinfecting responsibilities adequately.

Why Choose Unique Clean ?

Businesses obtain a host of advantages when you opt for our services. They enjoy several benefits along with a clean and healthy workplace which further enhances productivity and profitability for an enterprise.

Unique Clean offers 24 hrs cleaning services, which merely means you can pick a day and time according to your schedule, and our cleaners will reach your workspace with everything required.
Bespoke cleaning services that suit the different needs of different businesses. We understand the fact that your business is different and so, custom services are offered to suit your specific needs.
When you choose cleaning services offered by Unique Clean, you will not have to linger around here and there to find a point of contact in case of queries. Our clients enjoy the benefits of getting a personal point of contact assigned to their project. You can contact them at any hour of need.
We also get the air filtration and ventilations cleaned to ensure the flow of fresh air in your workspace.
We also offer insurance benefits along with our services that are offered at an extra cost.
We ensure to clean up every corner of your workspace including the cable tray, workstation and also the equipment used by your employees.
We have a provision of 24 hours of cleaning, i.e. call in for our experts at any point in the day to obtain their services.

Cleaning Services FAQs

The scope of work as far as commercial cleaning is concerned, include general cleaning, internal cleaning and routine cleaning. We ensure to clean floors, tiles, suspended ceilings, partition walls, furniture, lighting, window cleaning, deep cleans, cleaning the sanitary and washing facilities, dining areas, kitchen, and every other spot at your workplace.

As per your requirements, and budget different kinds of cleaning agents are used to restore the shine and freshness at your workspace. The agents used by Unique Clean include detergents, degreasers, acids, abrasives. The agents used, ensures complete cleaning.

To ensure the delivery of the best possible services to our clients, we provide cleaning services of different levels. We generally carry out the cleaning process in three different levels that include cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. Cleaning a surface only removes the visible debris and dust, but the germs and microbes present are not removed. For this, disinfection and sanitisation are necessary to get rid of the infection-causing germs completely.

Yes, you can get one area of your workspace cleaned at a time, but we recommend getting the entire office cleaned at once. Cleaning is very efficient if you choose to get one task done at a time for the entire workspace. For instance, no matter if you choose, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc. get the same task done throughout every area. This is very cost-effective and saves a lot of time.

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