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Have you shifted into a new apartment recently? Or your lease is getting over, and you need to clean your old apartment? Not everyone has the time to clean their apartment. And it is frustrating to stay in a filthy apartment for a long time. Cleanliness and hygienic environment are necessary for a healthy mind and body. If you are a victim of all the problems caused by irregular cleaning, then Unique Clean is your one-stop solution for apartment cleaning

Get a professional apartment cleaning service for your humble shelter from top to bottom from one of the best providers – Unique Clean! 

Below You Can See Some Results Of Our Apartment Cleaning Services:

What Does Our Professional Apartment Cleaner Offer?

Reference checking of every edge and corner.
Well uniformed and protected against any possible damage.
Use of all new and cleaned ranges of products.
Works in complete compliance with health & safety measures.
Every personnel activity is secured with insurance from our end for unwanted breakage.
We value your privacy and your space, just like ours.

So, what more you can expect from us? We combine apartment cleaning services with carpet cleaningupholstery cleaningwindow cleaningdriveway cleaning, and even more. Hence, at Unique Clean, you can expect an overall operational cleaning of your resident.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our apartment cleaning experts also provide upholstery cleaning with hot water extraction method. Before the cleaning process, we inspect the upholstery's quality and the possible problem related to it. Our professional team removes grits and large debris from its surface and uses deep cleaning agents to remove the stains.

The sanitisation process involves antibacterial, anti-virucidal, anti-fungal, and anti-mould treatment. This type of cleaning is significant for homes with toddlers, new babies, and pets. If any of your family members suffer from allergy or asthma, you must quickly book a cleaning appointment for upholstery cleaning.

Our professionals focus on the usage of steam water to remove dry spots. The steam cleaning process does not affect the quality of the upholstery and prevents the formation of grime on its surface.

Window Cleaning

Windows add an aesthetic touch to any house, and it is essential to clean them periodically. Our apartment cleaning service also covers window cleaning. With the best-trained staff at work and with the best tools, we are ready to add on to spark off your little shelter. We offer traditional and pure water treatment services.

The pure water treatment technique is a modernised technique where we use a 22 m long carbon fibre pole attached to a pure water tank. This technique helps clean way more dirt, minerals, and chemicals from the glasses.

We also offer traditional window cleaning services that are preferred by most of the Dublin residents. We use a detergent solution to wash the glasses from inside and outside manually.

Carpet Pre-Vacuuming

Our professionals vacuum the carpet to remove any dust or soil debris. This step ensures that all the macroscopic particles are removed from the surface.

Deodorising and Pre-Spraying: Carpets are the sponges of a home. They absorb everything, whether moist or dry. Our after-builder cleaning experts use eco-friendly products to deodorise the carpet and non-toxic pre-spraying chemicals to kill the germs.

Carpet Cleaning with Steaming:The most effective way of cleaning a carpet is to deep clean it. Deep carpet cleaning with steam is safe for the carpet as it does not affect the grime and keeps the colour intact. If you have witnessed marks of stains or dirt on the carpet surface, then take immediate steps before they turn permanent.

Carpet Cleaning

At Unique Clean, we adopt several techniques to eliminate the stubborn stains on your carpet. Firstly, our professionals understand the type of soiling and then treat it accordingly.

Driveway Cleaning

Driveway cleaning is a special service of Unique Clean. When high-pressure water is connected with our high-tech cleaning equipment and put together with environment-friendly, premium detergent solutions, you can feel amazed with the outcome.

Every worker at Unique Clean is professionally trained to understand the type of exterior surface. Whether the surface is made of bricks, limestone, or textured or patterned concrete, our workers can cover it all.

Our driveway cleaning experts use warm sanitised water that is sprayed under extreme pressure on the surface in one direction. The warm water with high-quality cleansing agents successfully extracts most of the soiled surfaces fragment.

Besides the cleaning services mentioned above, we offer several other apartment cleaning services in Dublin. We offer our premium guests a periodic service package with all the complex cleaning solutions adhering to the health & hygiene protocols. We call it the apartment block cleaning. Hence, forget the cleanliness tension as Unique Clean has arrived to help you get rid of it.

Cleaning Services FAQs

The apartment cleaning services in Dublin depend on the type of package the client is selecting. The more regions are added for cleaning, the worker will charge per hour. The client can form their package and add different locations or appoint cleaners for full apartment cleaning.

Overall apartment cleaning depends on the number of rooms and bedrooms available in your house. A one-bedroom apartment can cost €130-€260. 4 bedrooms apartment can cost €350- €450. The prices differ as per the services mentioned above.

The time required for cleaning any room of the apartments depends on several factors – the number of cleaners appointed for the task, the presence of furniture inside the room, and the cleaning tasks included in the package. At Unique Clean, we assure our client to provide the quickest apartment cleaning services in Dublin with a top-notch cleanliness level.

Depending on your bedroom size, weekly cleaning can take up to 2 hours for cleaning. Detailed cleaning can consume more time.

The time required for deep cleaning of an apartment depends on several factors – how many rooms are there in the apartment, how many windows and carpeted floors are there, and how many trained professionals are hired for the apartment cleaning.

The average time required to deep clean a four-bedroom apartment will be 3-4 hours.

You must choose apartment cleaning services in Dublin after every 3-4 months to prevent microbial growth. Germs can lead to an unhealthy environment, especially in the house's dark dinky corners.

Unique Clean has been a pioneer in local apartment cleaning for more than a decade. Thus, if you are still searching for apartment cleaning near me, we are your one-stop destination.

The thrill of shifting to a new location can quickly dissipate when you realise you need to clean your former residence. It becomes hectic and tiring to manage everything by oneself. Many tenants come for an in-and-out inspection before you vacate the apartment. If your apartment lacks the basic standard of cleaning, the tenant will not pay back your security deposit at the time of leaving. Vacuuming and window washing might become your new reasons for frustrations.

Unique Clean is there to provide apartment cleaning services move out to ease your tension. Call us or book an appointment with us for choosing your desired apartment cleaning services in Dublin.

Get the Most Out of Our Local Apartment Cleaning Services!

We hope you have gained comprehensive knowledge about the range of services we offer for professional apartment cleaning. Till date, Unique Clean has cleaned more 10,000 of apartments including premium ones. Our highly-trained professional cleaners will primarily examine your apartment for the possible areas that require cleaning. Once you book an appointment with us, our professional team will set a meeting with you to decide the course of action. 

With 100% satisfaction record, we, at Unique Clean, always value our client’s privacy and comfortability. So, when are you planning to book an apartment cleaning session with us? Do let us know as we will be more than pleased to work for you!

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