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Are you in the middle of renovating your home or office? Is the cleaning work seeming unending? All you need is a helping hand to draw you out of this fix. After builders cleaning services in Dublin by Unique Clean is what you exactly deserve. Whether it’s cleaning up your newly furnished living room or the aristocratic bathroom, we cover it all for you. So, are you interested to know more about after-builder cleaning? Stay hooked with us to know more about the wide range of services we offer. Our dedicated and skilled cleaning experts are always there at your service! 

No need to feel worried anymore as after builders cleaning services by Unique Clean is awaiting your thumbs up! Our proficient staff is ready to deliver high-quality cleaning services while maintaining government rules and regulations. Be it your office or home, after builders cleaning Dublin experts will cover it all. Even if you own a premium house, our experts of after builders cleaning services offer exclusive premium cleaning solutions.

If you are leading a busy lifestyle and looking for a solution agency that provides a complete cleaning, then after builder cleaning Dublin by Unique Clean is your one-stop solution. Our fully-equipped staff with a well-vested professional team of cleaners will ensure you give a thoroughly cleaned and aesthetically appealing home.

We offer a host of cleaning services starting from your kitchen to your bathroom, from the upholsteries to the wall ceilings. The different after builders cleaning companies have been dealing with many clients all across Dublin, Ireland. Before jumping into our services, here are the USPs of our services.

The USPs of Unique Clean

  • 24/7 helpline number for customer service.
  • Fixed rates and no extra charges.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
  • High-quality operational equipment.
  • 100% guest satisfaction guaranteed.

After completing the assigned task, after builders final cleaning is our signature to define that we believe in perfection.

Our One-of-a-Kind After-Builders Cleaning Process

Generally, there are two steps involved in our after-builders cleaning process:

Initial/Rough Cleaning

The initial stage of cleaning involved eradication of small and large debris particles of dust and dry dirt. At Unique Clean, we use suitable equipment compatible with the surface for cleaning. For instance, we use steam vacuuming for cleaning carpeted floors. Our experienced and professional workers are efficient enough to use both high-tech and traditional methods for cleaning. It is up to you what you would prefer, and we are ready to provide that to you!

The Final Stage of Cleaning

The final stage of cleaning is the vital step. During this step, the intricate cleaning is carried out. The trade defects such as splattered windows, accumulation of dust between hairline gaps in the wall and floor tiles, removal of paint marks from the surfaces, removal of protective coatings, highlighting the details, and many more tasks are completed. After examining the situation, our builders might combine domestic or deep cleaning with after build cleaning to provide better result in less time. For example, renovating as well as degreasing old dirt marks.

The Range of Other Services We Offer at Unique Clean

Dublin Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

At Unique Clean, we adopt several techniques to eliminate the stubborn stains on your carpet. First of all, our professionals understand the type of soiling and then treat it accordingly.

Carpet Pre-Vacuuming: Our professionals vacuum the carpet to remove any dust or soil debris. This step ensures that all the macroscopic particles are removed from the surface.

Deodorising and Pre-Spraying: Carpets are the sponges of a home. They absorb everything, whether moist or dry. Our after-builder cleaning experts use eco-friendly products to deodorise the carpet and non-toxic pre-spraying chemicals to kill the carpet's germs.

Hotel Cleaning Dublin Housekeeping

Domestic Deep Cleaning

When it comes to domestic cleaning, we provide a wide range of services, ranging from your kitchen and bedroom to bathroom and living room. Our other services include once-off after-construction cleaning service and new build house cleaning.

Are you shifting to a new house? It seems you have to clean your old home to receive the security deposit. No need to worry; we are here to cover that also for you. After builders, we will get our hands dirty to make sure your space is left clean and as it was when you first rented it. With a wide range of cleaning services and equipment, the cleaning becomes easy and consumes less time.

Are you the owner of a newly constructed house? Have you recently renovated your old shelter? You must be then looking for a helping hand to clean the debris. Unique Clean is the one-stop destination for post-construction cleaning in Dublin.

You can also contact us by visiting our website for local after builder cleaning and book a maintenance appointment for your humble shelter.

We Assure Professional Eco-Friendly After Builder Cleaning in Dublin

Unique Clean's after-builder cleaning services are exclusively designed according to guest satisfaction. At Unique Clean, we combine modern technologies and techniques. Besides cleaning the properties, we also take care of the surroundings. Hence, our cleaners use eco-friendly products for green cleaning. You can also contribute to nature by applying for our services. Contact us or mail us!

Our After Builder Cleaning Services Dublin will Definitely Amaze You!

Irrespective your need for cleaning, we cover it all for you. We offer affordable after-builders cleaning services costs. In return, we guarantee professional and high-quality workers that have considerable knowledge about the cleaning operations. You will be thrilled by the standard of operation provided by Unique Clean. What makes us distinct from others? We commit to deliver work within a deadline, with utter precision, eco-friendly materials, and ultimately, as per your desire. Unlike other cleaning agencies, we also grant cashback offers. Unique Clean deals with several premium clients across Dublin. Premium properties require more sophisticated work in less time. Premium clients cannot afford to invest a huge amount of time as they always remained bogged down with their work. Unique Clean has a 100% track record in delivering the best of the best service to their premium guests and within the time limit. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book our cleaning experts and save a lot of your money with our exclusive offers.

Why Should You Choose Unique Clean for After-Builder House Clean?

You can book an appointment with us online and verify the total price incurred to provide you with professional cleaning services. With the help of modernised cleaning equipment, our skilful workers are prepared for any kind of task.

We recommend you to pay through no cash-payment methods in this hard time. We assure your information is secure with us. Unique Clean is a fully certified and licensed company. You can trust us legally!

Cleaning Services FAQs

The after builders cleaning prices Dublin can range from €16 per hour to a few hundred Euros for after-builder deep cleaning of a house with four bedrooms. If there are additional works like cleaning windows and deep carpet cleaning, they are charged separately for the add-on task—the rate for after builders cleaning prices Dublin is pretty much fixed. However, discounts are available with terms and conditions.

Once you book an appointment with us, our skilled cleaners will have an elaborate discussion to understand your needs. Our services comprise in-depth cleaning of your every location, including furniture and fittings. We also provide cleaning solutions for curtains, upholstered furniture, carpets, and rugs.

Our dedicated staff diligently removes the faulty plasters or any contaminating leftovers. Unique Clean’s staff services comprise sweeping, mopping, brushing, hovering, scrubbing, damp wiping of different surfaces, polishing glasses, buffing, steel and chrome fixtures, and cleaning appliances and cupboards. We also wash glasses from inside and remove any sticker or labels attached during the new build house cleaning.

Several factors determine the amount of time required for cleaning. The type of surface, the area to be cleaned, and the amount of deposited soil on it affect cleaning time. If different cleaning methods are involved, then it increases the time of action. Post-construction cleaning in Dublin requires more timing as the soil content is more.

In the majority of the cases, it is the customer who is responsible for after builders final cleaningHowever, building contracts specify that cleaning up is included in the pricing. In such cases, the cleaning is done by the builder. Unless it is stated in the agreement, the builder is not compelled to clean up.

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We hope you have gained a comprehensive knowledge of our services. We, at Unique Clean, promise to offer our clients the best of our services. We maintain the utmost level of hygiene and sanitising protocols. For any assistance with your home cleaning, you can contact us! We are your one-stop destination for the best yet most affordable after-builders house clean services.

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